Why using WordPress? What is WordPress?

Ok first of all what is WordPress?
WordPress is an open source blogging platform, by that we mean WordPress is a web browser based publishing system, allowing the user to publish posts –these can be made out of text, photos, videos or sound clips.

Why using WordPress?
First, because it is open source, it is free. Yes, the whole system is free to download.
Second, a whole community works to improve WP (WordPress) and as a result it is permanently up-dated. The reason are too many to be listed here, but suffice to say, that adding/editing/removing content to your webspace is made easy through an administration page. That page is accessed through a web browser, so, yes you can update your website from any computer that has access to the internet, in fact, you can even update pages from your smart phone!

WP is designed to be accessed through a browser and therefore adheres to web-standards and works perfectly well on most modern browsers such as Safari, Firefox, Chrome and even Internet Explorer regardless, if it is installed on a Mac or a PC.


Is WordPress the right solution for me?

There are numerous factors to take into consideration:

  • Do you update your site frequently (No? well, you should…)
  • Is the design crucial?
  • Is your budget very tight?


These very basic questions can already put you on the right track to a template based website, for more information, call 01305 265025 or just send a quick email and I’ll contact you.

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